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Is it possible to drive inbound traffic to your ad campaigns
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Promote a page and display your ad campaigns!

It’s really that simple! When you promote a page for your social media posting, email marketing, or any type of content marketing, you’ll be able to display your pop-up ads, banner ads, and test link ads. Below is an example of how your marketing campaign ads are displayed on promoted pages.

Below is an example of how your banner ads would be displayed on promoted pages.


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Who Benefits?


Social Media Marketers

Increase your posting activity overnight. Post the best content for your client’s brand and get campaign exposure while you’re at it.


Email Managers and Marketers

Stop spending your budget on costly content research and development and start building relevant and valuable curated content


Online/Affiliate Marketers

Drive consistent traffic and visibility to your affiliate ads and links without spending money on content development. No need for a website.



How It Works



The Key Features

Marketing Ad Campaigns

Drive more traffic to your business with unlimited marketing ad campaigns. Sky is the limit.

Session, Impression, and Click Reports

Keep tabs on your campaigns’ progress report. Know how well your marketing campaigns are doing.

Social Bookmarking Service Integration

Auto-post curated content to Social Bookmarking service with our “create & publish” one-click solution!

Google Ad Re-marketing Code

Place your Google Remarketing code on each content you curate and boost your ad visibility.




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